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We offer you coverage throughout Poland and super-fast LTE internet thanks to cooperation with the Plus network. Wherever you are, you are within reach!

Always Unlimited


In our voice-over offers, we give you enough minutes to talk to mobile networks and text messages at will, so that you do not have to count them!

Large internet packages

In our voice offers you will get a 10 GB, 20 GB or 30 GB superfast internet package!


Best Choice!

Agreement "As much as you want"


Down with long-term commitments. With us, the contract lasts as long as you want, and the notice period is only 1 month.

Plus network coverage

By joining us, you gain the most!

Switch to Premium Mobile without leaving your home.

You leave the formalities to us :)

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Premium Mobile is a mobile operator with UNLIMITED offers and lots of high-quality internet.

We have fast
LTE and high network quality, but at a significantly lower price!

Premium Mobile knows how to save money so that you have all the services as cheaply as possible.
You don't pay for expensive advertising campaigns, complicated contracts with celebrities, thousands of employees, palaces instead of seats or other famous footballers ...
We don't have to maintain it, you don't have to pay for it.


And that's why you pay less for the bills ... significantly less!

How are we doing ?

We are not a great global brand, but a
Polish , reliable operator.
We have a simple offer , without hooks and unnecessary fountains.
We do not force you to commitments, after all, a subscription is not a marriage.
You can terminate the contract at any time with a 1-month notice period.

We do not believe in rigid contracts and forcing them to sign pacts for many years!

Subscription discount

Save up to PLN 120 a year on your bills!


Foreign Roaming

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