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What do we know about the new foldable iPhone?

If rumors are to be believed, Apple has been working on its own foldable phone for a while now.
It is not known at the moment whether the device will ever see the light of day, Internet users are already creating its concepts.


One of the most interesting ideas was presented by the user Svyatoslav Alexandrov.
On his YouTube channel called "ConceptsiPhone" he showed the concept of a foldable iPhone based on solutions known from, for example, Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.
In this specific case, however, the device combines two designs resembling the iPhone 12.

The whole thing looks like a classic Apple phone, distinguished by an extraordinarily thicker frame.
When unfolded, the phone transforms into something like a large iPad with an 8-inch display.
A larger screen area means a larger surface for writing or viewing multimedia content.
It is possible that an Apple Pencil will be used to operate it.

I must admit that the concept looks fantastic.

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